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    International Module

    The SAIF Finance EMBA Program places a high premium upon the development of international perspectives as well as cross-cultural communication skills. Backed by its networks of prominent financial institutions and individuals within the Western world, the program offers opportunities for students to have hands-on experience with Western business models and financial culture. Access to financial project information and business opportunities will also be made possible.

    The international module is subdivided into US and European modules, which are comprised of classroom learning and field visits. The modules are designed to help students broaden their horizons, identify differences, change their ways of thinking, and explore innovation. Our partner universities and colleges will provide students of the SAIF Finance EMBA Program with informative frontier courses to be taught by the best professors of their faculties. After completing the international module, students will be awarded a certificate of advanced finance and management.

    US Module

    The US module includes experiential visits to the political and financial centers of the US, as well as visits to Ivy League universities, financial institutions on Wall Street, and Fortune 500 companies. The module also offers a cultural experience that helps students to improve their knowledge of the global financial hub — from the perspective of its economic system, business climate, corporate culture, and history. Students will be inspired to rethink the present and future of China’s economy from creative perspectives.

    European Module

    The European module includes visits to some centuries-old universities and financial institutions in addition to historical and cultural heritage exploration. Students’ understanding of European economic trends is enhanced by the interaction with European financiers and the observation of their operating models, innovation strategies, and risk management practices.

    Overseas Partners

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Stanford Graduate School of Business
    Yale School of Management
    The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
    Haas School of Business of UC Berkeley
    London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
    Columbia University
    Imperial College London
    London Business School
    The School of Business of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland
    Georgetown University
    IE Business School, Spain
    Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago

    Companies visited

    The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
    Credit Suisse Group
    Morgan Stanley
    Bloomberg Business
    International Monetary Fund
    Entrust Inc.
    Federal Reserve Bank (Gold Vault)
    Goldman Sachs
    New York Stock Exchange
    Intel Corporation
    United Nations Headquarters
    American International Group
    London Stock Exchange
    United Bank of Switzerland
    Franklin Templeton Investments
    Bank of England
    The Vanguard Group
    American International Group
    Microsoft Corporation
    Financial Service Authority, UK
    The Blackstone Group
    Google Inc.
    Wells Fargo
    World Bank Headquarters
    International Finance Corporation
    Draper University of Heroes
    Autodesk Inc.

    Finance EMBA
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