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    Program Introduction

    SAIF's Finance MBA program aims to assist those who want to pursue a successful career in Finance. Whatever your prior profession was, SAIF paves your way towards the financial world with:

    • - World class scholars and experts in Finance with knowledge of both Western and Chinese markets;
    • - An advanced curriculum in Finance to develop and expand your knowledge;
    • - A Financial trading laboratory with real-time stock market data;
    • - Visiting Finance luminaries who lead forums to exchange ideas and knowledge;
    • - Comprehensive coverage of complementary and other relevant subjects (not just finance);
    • - An increasingly valuable degree, given the rapid growth of both SAIF itself and the Chinese financial markets;
    • - Tailor-made career services.

    Program Duration

    Full-time Program: 2 years
    Part-time Program: 3 years

    Language of Instruction

    Full-time Program: English
    Part-time Program: Mandarin Chinese / English

    Finance MBA
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