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    Tuition and Financial Aid
    Student Type Tuition (RMB)*
    Domestic Applicants 158,000
    International Applicants 188,000

    *Tuition figures are for the Class or 2019 intake.

    SAIF Global Impact Scholarship

    The SAIF Master of Finance (MF) Program is happy to announce the establishment of Global Impact Scholarships for international candidates from top universities world‐wide, applying for the 2 years full‐time MF program for matriculation in fall each year. The scholarship will cover full or partial international tuition (RMB 188,000 total for 2 years) for the students who meet the scholarship criteria. Pursuing your postgraduate studies is an important investment for your future, and all admitted students to the Masters of Finance program will be automatically considered for the Global Impact Scholarship.

    Chinese Government Scholarship

    Outstanding international candidates have the opportunity to be recommended by the MF program to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, which includes tuition deduction, accommodation subsidy and a monthly allowance (up to RMB 3,000/month). You may find more information of the scholarship via:

    Freshman Scholarships

    Freshman scholarships are available for domestic candidates based on their outstanding academic background as well as their contribution towards SAIF prior to their official registration.

    Master of Finance
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