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    Learning through Integrated Vocational Experience (LIVE)

    SAIF LIVE Learning Center (LLC) offers the innovative experience of “LIVE Learning” to students by carefully-designed practicum courses and supporting experiences. LIVE completes each student’s education by incorporating learning experiences from real-world, real-time projects and events.

    There are three LIVE Learning courses currently offered by the LIVE Learning Center: SAIF LIVE, International Consulting Projects and Innovation Finance Lab (subject to change). Each course offers unique experiences, yet emphasizes the same learning philosophy: inspiring students to learn and solve real-world problems by taking action.

    LLC also serves as a platform to support SAIF students’ extra-curricular activities in global competitions and conference. From sharing information, arranging faculty guidance and organizing professional training to backstage logistic support, LLC makes sure ambitious and competitive students participate, enjoy and stand out in global events like the Hult Prize, the CFA Research Challenge, and the St. Gallen Symposium.

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