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    Learning Modules

    MIT Sloan China Lab

    By working on mini-consulting projects led by corporate partners, the MIT Sloan China Lab connecting the brightest young professionals throughout the world combines traditional classroom learning with intense, real-world experience.

    In 2012, SAIF began interacting with the prestigious Sloan School of Management (at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as one of only five Chinese schools in the China Lab partnership. Each year, 8 selected SAIF students (acting as the local contact point), will be divided into 4 groups and matched with 4 other pairs from MIT. The SAIF pairs will work on-site with corporate partners. While each corporate partner has provided a general outline of the project in question, the student group will be responsible for working with the project leader to define the scope and scale of the project, identify key concerns, develop a work plan, and determine final deliverables. Upon successful completion of the project, SAIF students will travel to Cambridge (Massachusetts) to report on the finished project and join their MIT counterparts for a one week on-campus and local visit.

    Study Tour

    Short-term, customized, educational study tours for student groups from top overseas business schools have been organized by SAIF for years. Participants are merged into a stimulating field-learning experience composed of interactive seminars, guest-speaker sessions, round tables, company visits, and cultural experiences. Students will benefit from SAIF's strong network within the finance industry and appreciate the exposure to both China’s investment environment and its financial markets.

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