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    When Dreams Start at SAIF

    Opening Ceremony of SAIF MF 2018

    In September 2018, the Master of Finance (MF) Program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) welcomed 90 MF 2018 freshmen from all over the world, including China, the United States, Canada, France, South Korea and Peru, Mongolia.

    On September 5th and 6th, Prof. Chun Chang, Executive Dean, Prof. Shijun Cheng, Deputy Dean, Prof. Zhan Jiang, Faculty Director of SAIF MF Program, Prof. Tan Wang, Prof. Ciguan Qiu, Prof. Nengjiu Ju and Prof. Jie Hu, Ms. Lin Yang, Head of SAIF MF Program, Yanhua Du, Director of Educational Services Office (ESO) and special guests including Yifeng Yang, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Shanghai YF Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Roy Swan, former senior banker of Morgan Stanley attended the opening ceremony, expressing their warm welcome and expectations to the new cohort.

    Prof. Chun Chang hoped that SAIF MF students would cherish the platform and high-quality teaching resources provided by the School, further build up their international vision and grasp every opportunity.

    “Exchange and interaction is also a way of learning. You can gain more insights by communicating with faculty and excellent peers,” said Prof. Chang, “In the early stages of life, it is important to be down-to-earth and lay a solid foundation in order to go further.” As China is undergoing tremendous changes, SAIF MF students need to shoulder the mission of economic revitalization, expand their vision and think about how to make contributions to the financial development of China and the world, beyond career development.

    Prof. Zhan Jiang presented and compared the visions of SAIF and other world-class business schools. She mentioned that SAIF trains not only multidisciplinary talents with expertise and insights on modern financial theories and practices and operation management of the financial sector in China and across the world, but also business leaders with international vision, capabilities and innovation. In view of this, SAIF MF Program covers a range of targeted courses including quantification and corporate finance. Meanwhile, SAIF MF Program also provides offshore modules at Wharton, Columbia University and other world-leading institutions. She hoped that the students would stay eager to learn and grow into future business leaders.

    Ms. Lin Yang gave a brief introduction to SAIF MF Program, which is one of the most competitive programs in China and the world, supported by first-class faculty, premium teaching resources and comprehensive courses that are in line with international standards. She sincerely wished that all of the students would make unremitting efforts and enhance themselves based on long-term roadmap.

    The opening ceremony also invited Mr. Yifeng Yang, Chairman and CIO of Shanghai YF Investment Management Co., Ltd.. A Chinese veteran of investment management with over 12 years of extensive experience at Wall Street, Yifeng revealed the game rules of China's financial market in recent years with four short life stories. He hoped that the students would value the time spent on campus and the friendship of their classmates and make achievements.

    Mr. Roy Swan, former senior banker of Morgan Stanley, was also present and shared his career development experience with the students. He encouraged them to think more about others, which is the root of good relationship and has contributed to his own career. Moreover, Roy also reviewed the big picture of foundations in US and the “mission-oriented” investment philosophy of his current employer, that is, to ensure not only the return of investment in a conventional sense, but also the “social” benefits that drive social changes.

    The dialogue between Roy and Prof. Jiang explored the measures of social benefits. According to Roy, in addition to basic project-based metrics, “social benefits” underscore the foundation's commitment to act – willing to prioritize social benefits rather than investment return and to explore in trials and errors.

    Xiaoqi Yan from SAIF MF 2017 shared her experience at SAIF as well as valuable advices in terms of study and life. Representing SAIF MF 2018, Jiawei Gao also revealed his excitement to start a two-year study journey with his peers from diverse and international backgrounds. He was looking forward to working hard in the best Master of Finance Program in Asia and opening a new chapter in life.

    Mr. Zhang, who worked for Morgan Stanley for more than five years, brought an interesting session of Mini ELSA and offered a glance at the organizational structure and roles of international investment banks. He also provided some tips on business etiquette and presentation skills. Mr. Alan Qiu, a popular lecturer at SAIF, reviewed the details of CFA competition.

    On the evening of September 6th, staff from ESO, IT and MF Program as well as current SAIF MF students communicated with newcomers and answered their questions about SAIF, the Program, curriculum, IT systems and future career development.

    Moreover, the participants also carried out a variety of activities, including exciting African Djembe drum show, team building, brainstorming puzzle challenges and the amazing welcome party, to celebrate their first step in the two-year journey at SAIF. We hope that these two years would be fruitful and memorable for SAIF MF 2018.

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