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    Professor of Management Science

    Educational Background

    B.S.Mathematics, 1982, Xi’an Jiaotong University

    Research Areas

    Current research focuses on the investment, strategy and operations management of clean energy and environment protection, with special interest to hydrogen energy and its applications. Other research includes corporate finance, real estate, operations and supply chain management, risk management; queueing network theory and applications, supply chain best practices in China.


    Prof. Hong Chen Listed in the Chinese Most Cited Researchers 2017 by Elsevier

    Recently, Elsevier officially announced the Chinese Most Cited Researchers 2017, which features Prof. Hong Chen at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF), who was also included in the list in 2016. This honor demonstrates the powerful capabilities of SAIF faculty in research and knowledge creation.

    One of the leading scholars in the domain of management science, Prof. Chen has made remarkable academic contributions and is highly recognized in this discipline.

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