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    SAIF Employment Report 2017 Released

    Recently, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) officially released its Employment Report 2017.

    According to the report, SAIF saw off 56 SAIF MF graduates in 2017. Two of the graduates decided to continue their education, while the remaining 54 graduates received job offers, with the mean of starting salary at nearly RMB270,000 and the median at RMB200,000. Thanks to the specialized and world-oriented curriculum of SAIF MF Program, 15% of SAIF MF 2017 graduates have joined financial institutions in Hong Kong, US, Austria, France and other developed markets.

    SAIF MF Program moved up to 14th in the world and 1st in Asia in the Financial Times’ (FT) 2017 ranking of global business schools published in June 2017.

    It was also reported that 96% of SAIF MBA graduates in 2017 received job offers from employers and 4% started their own businesses. The percentage of finance-related offers doubled, from 41% before enrollment to 87%, and most of the employers were leading financial institutions in China.

    For years, SAIF FMBA graduates have been highly favored by financial institutions. By the date of report release, among 46 SAIF FMBA 2017 graduates, the mean of starting salary was RMB248,000, up to the peak of RMB500,000.

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