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    Career Development Service

    SAIF Career Development Center (CDC) is dedicated to providing students with assessments, coaching, career advisory, career development tools and programs, as well as job resources. The CDC trains students how to refine their career goals, promote their skills and experiences, helping graduates achieve their career dreams. The Career Development Center also facilitates connections between the school and employers.

    The CDC will help students assess their interests, values and talents, and matched environments; help students develop job search strategies from determining career path, positioning in the marketplace, preparing for an important interview to handling offer selections/negotiations by coaching tailored to each individual student needs.

    The services the Career Development Center provides for students include:

    Employer Highlight
    Here are just some of the companies that our graduates enter, which are comparable to the top business programs in North America.

    Picture 1: Recruiting Companies for SAIF MF Program

    SAIF MF achieved the highest placement rate for any business/ finance program in China. Specifically, the MF program focuses on the private sector and is the only top program located in Shanghai. For graduates entering investment banking, private equity and fund management industry, our program also has the top percentage of students going into private, non-state-own companies that have the highest potential for future growth.  

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