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    Program Introduction

    About SAIF & MF Program

    Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) was established within Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in April 2009, with strategic and financial support from the Shanghai Municipal Government. SAIF is AACSB accredited and is recognized internationally as one of the top business schools in the world.

    The Master of Finance (MF) program has been the flagship program at SAIF since its inception in the Autumn of 2009. SAIF's MF program was ranked No.1 in Asia and No.10 globally by the Financial Times in 2018. Currently, SAIF MF stands as one of the most prestigious finance programs in Asia.

    The SAIF MF Program recruits world-class faculty from leading business schools around the world. The program—taught completely in English— has a cutting-edge curriculum, an educational structure with an international vision, and state-of-the-art facilities supported by a financial trading lab. The curriculum is designed to anticipate future trends, as well as to meet requirements for current practices within the financial industry—both in China and abroad. In addition to the technical skills provided by our major finance classes, our LIVE Learning Center and the “Extended Learning and Student Activities” (ELSA) seminars help students to enhance their practical skills and knowledge.

    About MF-FinTech

    The financial world has been embracing FinTech over the last few years. In addition to mobile payments and money transfers that we now all enjoy in China, FinTech has been making a big impact in consumer credit analysis, asset management, insurance, transaction processing, etc. The use of blockchain technology, big data, and machine learning techniques are changing how economic activities are designed, how data is collected and analyzed, and how quickly this information is then utilized effectively. Building on the success of our current MF program, SAIF launches a new track—the MF-FinTech Program. In addition to core courses in finance, MF-FinTech emphasizes rigorous training in statistics & machine learning, computer skills&applications.

    We are recruiting students who can rise to the challenge of the cross-disciplinary training of this program, and who can lead the change in the financial world upon graduation. SAIF is here to develop future industry leaders with expertise in finance, big data, machine learning, and practical IT implementation.

    Educational System

    Two-year full-time learning, all-English teaching. Students can obtain the master degree and academic certificate of SAIF as well as Shanghai Jiao Tong University after being graduated smoothly.


    As of February 2019:
    We have 31 full-time professors and 35 special term professors.
    100% of our faculty members hold a Ph.D. degree from top global universities.
    71.2% of our professors are (or were) tenured faculty at top global institutions.

    From establishment in 2009 to 2018:
    175 papers were published in top rated international journals, including The Journal of Finance, The Journal of Financial Economics, The Review of Financial Studies, The American Economic Review, Econometrica, etc.
    490 academic papers have been published domestically.

    Student Background

    Our students are from global excellent universities and their diversified background and culture constitute the internationalized classroom. Read more

    SAIF MF Student Journey

    SAIF MF’s student journey is designed in by our faculty and industry leaders. We draw upon our faculty’s collective knowledge and experience to design a student journey that is academically rigorous and relevant. We bring industry professionals and leaders into our classrooms and into our students’ education through live learning. Our students learn through direct interaction with high-level business leaders on live projects. This focus is forward-thinking both in spirit and implementation. By emphasizing learning-by-doing, we align ourselves with the top business programs in the world.


    The overall course setting of MF program and teaching content of each course fully reflect the basic style to closely connect the development of international financial field with the actual conditions of domestic and foreign markets. Aimed at fostering the next-generation of talents, the MF-FinTech Program presents a curriculum focusing on three domains: Finance, Statistics & Machine Learning, and Computer Skills & Applications.      Read More >>

    Learning through Integrated Vocational Experience (LIVE)

    SAIF LIVE Learning Center (LLC) offers the innovative experience of “LIVE Learning” to students by carefully-designed practicum courses and supporting experiences. LIVE completes each student’s education by incorporating learning experiences from real-world, real-time projects and events.      Read More >>

    Extended Learning and Student Activities (ELSA)

    ELSA is a course committed to delivering exceptional co-curricular learning opportunities for students and the greater SAIF community. ELSA is offered in the first academic year. It is dedicated to enhancing the growth of students as professionals and citizens by providing rich learning opportunities in the areas of soft skills, professionalism, and social responsibilities.     Read More >>

    Career Development

    SAIF Career Development Center (CDC) is dedicated to providing students with assessments, coaching, career advisory, career development tools and programs, as well as job resources. The CDC trains students how to refine their career goals, promote their skills and experiences, helping graduates achieve their career dreams. The Career Development Center also facilitates connections between the school and employers.     Read More >>

    Master of Finance
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